Do you own a dog that...

  • Jumps on your guests

  • Barks at everything that moves

  • Pulls on the leash

  • Bolts through doors

  • Doesn't know how to chill out?

Do you want a dog that...

  • Sits and stays on command

  • You can take out in public

  • Comes when called

  • Walks politely on a leash

  • Lays down and relaxes when asked

  • You can brag about to your friends

If this sounds like you, you aren't alone! Let's start your training journey today!


"Madison's dog training program is worth it's weight in gold. Madison is kind and gentle and has the best interest of each dog at heart. Taking Presley to our grandson's baseball games and eating out at restaurants was night and day once she came back from training. Presley's training has truly been life changing for our family and we LOVE that we can take her everywhere with us now because she is so well behaved. If you want your dog to be the best version of him/her self then I highly recommend a board and train with Madison so they can reach their full potential."

— Lisa & "Presley"

"If you go with Madison there is no way you will regret it! My Oakley is a German Shepherd and expected to be 100 lbs. We have been trying to train her before she gets too big to train, but she just wouldn’t listen to us. We couldn’t get her attention. Madison took my spunky baby and channeled her focus into listening. I have taken my past dog to trainers and none of them compare to Madison! She is very passionate, patient, and will love your fur baby like her own! Seriously- go to her. You will see a MASSIVE difference"

— Carli & "Oakley"

"Madi cared for and trained our 4 month old German Shepherd dog, Koda, while we were gone for 7 days on vacation. All I can say is WOW!! We were all very impressed with the methods that Madison used to train Koda, and we were also impressed with the fact that she took her time to teach our family how to continue with Koda’s training. Her gentle training techniques yield great results, as long as we continue the work that she began. It was clear to us that Madi genuinely cared about Koda, and Koda responded with enthusiasm. Thank you, Madi, for the excellent care and training that you provided our Koda girl, while we were away! I highly recommend Madi and Dog Training Unleashed, if you’re looking for dog trainer!!"

— Kristi & "Koda"

Services offered:

Private Lessons

One-On-One Lessons to teach you all about how to work with your dog! Focus on specific issues, or work towards overall obedience training.

Boarding & Training

Available in 3 or 4 week options to meet your dog's training needs. Your dog stays with me in my home, and we work on general obedience, manners, and socialization. Suitable for any dog over the age of 4 months.

Overnight Boarding

Heading out of town? I offer structured boarding to any dog I have worked with! I offer maintenance training, daily exercise, and social time with other dogs.

Large Dog Social

Do you have a dog that struggles with other dogs or new people? Dog Socials are a safe and structured way to socialize your dog with new dogs and humans in a controlled setting. Message me today to find out if you and your dog are candidates' to attend dog social!