Services & Programs

Private Lessons

  • One-on-one 1-hour lessons are perfect for the hands on owner! We work together to train new commands, overcome problems, and grow your dog to be the best he can! 

  • $125/lesson


  • $325 for 3 lessons

  • $575 for 5 lessons

Virtual Lessons


    No need to leave your home, just have a computer with a webcam!

Puppy Training

  • Add a new member to the family? Start off on the right foot!

  • Begins the potty training journey

  • Crate training

  • Easy and fun commands!

  • Socialization to new dogs, animals, people, surfaces, and environments

  • Recommended for dogs up to 6 months old

  • 3 week program program- 21 days of training, and dog goes home on day 22

4 week Off Leash

  • Have you ever wanted to give your dog more freedom outside of the house?

  • Do your dog bolt as soon as he hears the leash unclipped or the front door left open?

  • Remote collar training opens up a whole new world of trust for you and your dog!

  • 4 weeks of boarding & training

  • You know the saying "it takes 21 days to form a habit"? Our dogs are similar! 3 weeks of implementing new habits, behaviors, and commands, and an extra to proof and solidify them!

  • Covers all basic commands; recall, sit/stay, down/stay, place, wait, heel, leave it. We also work on socialization with other animals, proofing commands in public, and manners such as jumping, barking, or counter surfing.

  • Includes all the training tools you'll need to continue training at home.


Since I do train from my home, I need to make sure everyone is protected! I do require a current Rabies vaccination as well as Distemper/Parvo. Proof of vaccinations will be required (Titer tests are accepted)

Please take note!

Before you begin your training journey, please know that if you are not willing to spend time practicing and maintaining your dog's training on daily basis, your dog will likely revert back to past behaviors and all of our hard work will have been for nothing. Many issues that dogs present with can be attributed to poor ownership. Things like rewarding your dog for "looking cute", letting him dictate how much room you have on the couch or bed, and simply allowing your dog to do as he pleases with no repercussions are all things that can easily be solved by you- the owner. By telling your dog "no" or to get off the furniture when asked is doing something very little, but can have a large impact on your dog. 

Prepare yourself for a lifestyle change. If you want to change your dog, you need to change yourself.


Each program requires a $200 non- refundable deposit to hold your spot. Once paperwork and deposit has been received, your spot be reserved. I only train 1-2 dogs at a time, so availability is limited.

It is your responsibility to schedule follow up lessons and must be used within 3 months of the end of your program 

Follow Up Lessons

DOG TRAINING UNLEASHED trains using balanced training methods. That includes the use of food, treats, clickers, prong collars, slip leashes, remote collars, toys, and praise! 

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